A look on hitmen sites

There are many hitmen for hire sites on the Internet. Some, like hire-a-killer dot com is fake. Who would pay a hitman with a credit card, disclosing his identity? Other sites are real. We will expose them with the purpose of having them closed by police.

No 1.


Access with Tor Browser : http://3td2xpq6vydh2qkf.onion

One of the most lethal hitmen site, with sadistic members . With hundreds of members, they provide services in the USA, Mexic, Canada, Europe and many other countries. Payment by bitcoin and monero after the job is done means this site can not be a scam. One can buy guns, drugs and assault services. Price: $5 500 for shot and get away murder, $4000 for assault, $40000 for a sniper.

The site does not ask for customer  information, customers are anonymous when posting orders, and most often they hide their ip

No 2.  Accessible on deep web: http://z2vt5rw6gzwfai2o.onion

Accessible with IE, Firefox, Chrome: http://z2vt5rw6gzwfai2o.onion.ws

A team of hitmen does jobs around the world. Payment with cash, bitcoin. 50% advance is required. The site is simple and doesn’t allow login or operations instead the admin asks users to contact him via email


Accessible on the deep web: h4gca3vb6v37awux.onion

We do hope that all hitmen sites will be closed down.

The Tor Browser from https://www.torproject.org/projects/torbrowser.html.en before accessing these sites.

Another hitmen site is Cthulhu Resume iacgq6y2j2nfudy7.onion

These sites ending in .onion are special sites that don’t have a public whois or ip. It cannot be closed easily by police, that’s why many dark net sites are offering criminal services such as drugs, guns, counterfeit currency and hitmen

We expose them for the purpose of being closed down

You can read more about .onion domain names at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/.onion

Read more about dark web marketplaces at https://www.deepdotweb.com/dark-net-market-comparison-chart/

Note that moral people on the internet lie about hitmen sites that they are fake.

They are doing so in order to discourage murderers from ordering

By saying hitmen sites are fake they are discouraging murderers from ordering and they are saving lives.

Unfortunately anyone can easily verify that the hitmen sites are real just by signing up as a hitman.

They will usually give the new applicant a test to ensure he is not a cop, like harming someone.

Cops are not allowed to harm anyone, and can’t fake the job because the admins of the hitmen sites will verify

When the new applicant is doing the job, he gets approved and he gets jobs from customers

The purpose of our site is to fight hitmen sites. We will expose criminal sites on deep web and call the police for closing them down

Note that some visitors could think to ask our hosting to close hire-a-hitman.com . Please do not ask the hosting to close hire-a-hitman.com , we do not provide hitmen for hire instead we are fighting against crime on the internet .

11 Replies to “A look on hitmen sites”

  1. i want you to destroy karen atly for abuseing me i want my revenge and want satsfaction so please get one of your strong men and blow her up in school with the other teachers there its holly grove burnley so please destroy her once and for all

    1. You should end up in jail. We don’t allow advertising nor promoting of any hitmen services , we blocked your email.

      Usually hitmen signup on hitmen marketplaces and they do tests to get approved, but then we publish those sites to call for law enforcement to close them down

      So don’t advertise your services here because we will block your contact info

  2. How does one join you. I am seeing new sites open weekly now and want then all shut down. I will do my part to help put a stop to this.
    Please feel free to email me at anytime.

    1. You can report all true hitmen sites here and we send them to police so they close it down

      You can also go to forums and lie and say all hitmen sites are fake, to discourage people from ordering. If they see people say hitmen sites are fake, they will be afraid of ordering and you save lives is easy and powerful

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