The purpose of hire a hitman

The purpose of hire a hitman is to fight crime and criminals on the Internet. We will expose criminal sites on deep web and call police for closing them down

Note that some visitors could think to ask our hosting to close . Please do not ask the hosting to close , we do not provide hitmen for hire instead we are fighting against crime on the internet .

We recommend to moral journalists, reporters and to undercover cops to claim that such hitmen sites are fake.

The hitmen sites are real and do orders. Google for shot dead street and you will find how many people were killed by unknown people in the street, they are paid murderers

If you say that the hitmen sites are fake then you discourage would be murders from ordering and you save lives

Such an example is NDRANGHETA Hitmen at

They are a real murder for hire marketplace. We don’t encourage anyone to commit murder in fact we recommend against it. We provide these sites only to ask for law enforcement to close it.

And we ask all people to claim they are fake to discourage murders from ordering. If you know how to fight them please let us know